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Brief History

  Komda was founded in 1988, opportunely when the bike industry started to shift  from Europe and Japan to Taiwan and then to China. Initially  established as a trader in  entry-level assembled bicycles and bicycle parts,  Komda developed rapidly both in its sourcing networks in China by way of  joint ventures, OEM sub-contracting and assigning on-site representatives and in successfully penetrating the overseas markets. 

  In March 1995,  Komda Industrial (SZ) was set up to cope with the ever increasing demand of the European and Japanese markets for medium and high end products. Situated in Bantian, Shenzhen, right in the center of the well developed "bicycle zone" , the factory  with a total constructed area of 45,000 m2 is well equipped with the most up-to-date  facilities and softwares and has grown, through strenuous efforts,  into one of the most important  manufacturing bases for a number of renowned brands in medium & high end bicycles and electric bicycles.
  Rich experience has been accumulated over the years in terms of R & D development, quality control and customer service. Komda started to explore the domestic Chinese market in  2004  by supplying to the market a series of uniquely designed bikes, targeting distinctly  at the fresh demand from the emerging middle class.

In 2015 Komda factory was relocated to Ping Shan, Dong Guan, to a more spacious site with upgraded equipments and more streamlined production processes. With stronger confidence in its ongoing development and in the future of bicycle as a growing green industry , Komda is marching ahead  steadily. 

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