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Komda strives to keep up with all the latest E-bike developments and improvements and has its own R&D team in order to innovate and implement the latest changes into our production techniques



Four fully enclosed painting lines, each with an automatic sprinkler and manual station, which can handle up to 6000 frames or parts per shift. The whole painting system conforms fully to the strict local environmental requirements.



All kinds of machineries including CNC lathes are equipped in house to smooth out the whole process of tube preparation.



 6 assembly lines, with different length and features to allow a maximum flexibility in shifting from one item to another to increase efficiency.



A combination of manual and automatic welding equipment to deal with different frame shapes and to reach a high efficiency.


Testing Center

A full line of testing equipment, plus a strict testing routine , to provide the necessary data for R&D and normal production.


Komda is your best partner in OEM/ODM projects.

Experiences accumulated over 30 years in R&D, research and production have made it possible for  Komda to be your reliable partner in this respect. Key features can be summarized as:

  • A sophisticated R&D Team, with good skill in the application of the latest design software(Autocad Solidworks, Sketchup, Creo)

  •  Rich experience in electronic/electrical components and their combination with mechanical products and a deep understanding of the functioning and usage of motor, controller and censor through long working relationship with software developers at home and abroad, enabling  Komda to provide sensible suggestions and viable solutions to projects involving such products.

  •  State-of-art production and testing equipment, solid management software and hard wares plus an experienced QC team ensure a rapid transformation from sample to actual batch production.

  •  Rich experience in licensing products  has enabled  Komda to provide sensible ideas to  possible licensing projects.

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